Danny Goldfield Projects

List & Criteria

by Danny Goldfield
Photograph one child from every country on earth.
Find each child living in New York City.
170 complete

List of 23 remaining countries*
Andorra | Benin | Central African Republic | Djibouti | Kiribati | Kuwait | Malawi | Mauritius | Micronesia | Monaco | Mozambique | Nauru | North Korea | Palau | Papua New Guinea | Qatar | Samoa | Seychelles | Saudi Arabia | Solomon Island | South Sudan | United Arab Emirates | Vanuatu

* List includes current member states of the United Nations

Criteria for participation
1. Permission from a parent or guardian.
2. Child is twelve years old or younger. (Youngest so far is thirty-four days old)
3. Currently live in one of the five boroughs of New York City: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island.
4. The child was born in another country and now lives in NYC OR child now lives in NYC and both parents are from a country on the list.
5. The first family to meet the criteria is invited to participate.

All leads and suggestions are welcome.